Our Route Map


Our strategy and calendar of actions

Tokenlist is a DeFi services platform that provides an interoperable and easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure through its broad application support and wide range of implemented development tools.

Road Map

May 2021
● Study of the competition.
● Development of the web platform.
June 2021
● Website and other communication channels (social networks) to be launched.
● June 25-29, Pre-sales start.
● Team expansion.
● Community building: competition, voting and events.
● Marketing campaigns to be launched.
● Web positioning, SEO.
● Start of Smart Contract Audits.
● Native App launch.
● Interbusiness platform creation.
● Advertising with a highly influential public figure.
● Massive marketing strategy: influencers, youtubers, TikTok, Instagram, among others.

July 2021
● Announcement-Opening and launch of new ICOS.
● Token creation for small and medium businesses, based on the native Tokenlist.
● Presale of first NFTS game packs.
● Start of the process of preparing terminals for payment in businesses through tokens.
● Start of development of your own personal exchange.
● Listing on Coinmarket and Coingecko.
● Research on different exchanges.
● Online store launch.
August 2021
● Opening of offices.
● Team expansion.
● Start gaming protocols development.
● Alliances of great relevance.
● Publication of audits and liquidity blocks.
● Tokenlist Business sales team expansion.
September 2021
● Advertisement with a sports star.
● Tokenlist exchange creation.
● Awards for staking.
● 1st Tokenlist Burn.
October 2021
● Team identity publication.
● Design studio creation.
● Launch scholarships and internships in collaboration with universities and technical studies.

January 2022
● NFTS Tokenlist author launch.
● Development of your own personal Blockchain.
● Game and virtual platform development.
● Community voting for names, characters and game titles.