The Tokenlist NFTs

I want to see it!


Get ready for the first NFT packs launch!


NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and is created using blockchain technology, which makes it very secure. It is the same technology as Tokenlist or bitcoins, but unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs are unique: they cannot be replaced by another identical item, they cannot be split and they contain information about the author and the owner.

Our NFT packs will be part of our game and metaverse. If you don’t miss out on yours, get on our waiting list and reserve yours!

Each of these packs includes an exclusive set of artwork with limited units.

All packs contain a random selection of
common, different, epic and legendary categories.

Pack release is scheduled for the end of July 2021, when we will reveal the theme.

We’re letting you know there will be 4 different types of packs:

Pack Basic 5 nft………………….25$

Pack Standard 10 nft ………..40$

Pack Premiun 20 nft……… 150 $

Pack Exclusive 40 nft……..290 $
(includes 1 legendary NFT)

Icono Tokenlist
COMMON : 25$ – 7000 UNITS
Icono Tokenlist
COMMON : 40$ – 5000 units
Icono Tokenlist
COMMON : 150$ – 2000 UNITS
Icono Tokenlist
COMMON : 290$ – 1000 UNITS

All packs and artwork are limited;

just imagine the value they could reach as the game develops!


At the end of July
will be revealed
the theme
and many more details!