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Creating your opportunities

TOKENLIST is the token pre-sale platform that offers you the chance to buy tokens before they are released on exchanges, with the corresponding price increase that this involves.

There’s more to us!

After doing research on market demand and analysis
of potential solutions we could offer.

Tokenlist Business was created to integrate the crypto world with
all commerce, businesses and companies.

The economy needs a boost; new growth opportunities for all types of companies and businesses
and implementing cryptocurrencies as a form of payment or
or for self-promotion is the solution that we propose at Tokenlist.

What is Tokenlist Business?

Tokenlist Business is an opportunity for change. It is a groundbreaking initiative that we present to change the way of operating in the business market, commerce and companies of all kinds of sectors.

Our solution is the implementation of a collection system and the development of tokens.


How does this token system work?

Our system is made up of a series of consecutive steps:

We create your token: name, logo and units that you want.


Preparation for operation in exchanges.


Sending the purchased units to your customers.

If you’re offered a seat on a spaceship, don’t be picky. Just climb aboard!»


  • We promote your personal cryptocurrency and your personalized way of doing business.
  • We increase the visibility of your business.
  • We position you as an innovative and sustainable company for the future.


Keep in mind that the native token and the exchange token will always be Tokenlist.

We launched our sales options, sign up and start your journey!

The Tokenlist Platform, the next step.

Tokenlist Platform Platform is our launching pad for new projects. Imagine a showcase open to everyone that offers all the information, in a transparent and legal way, to the different sales options that have a place on the platform.

We pre-sell tokens in their initial phase before they are listed on the Exchange, allowing the possibility and ease of getting them earlier, which is much less expensive.

In addition, the Tokenlist Platformprovides you with the latest cryptocurrency market news, analysis, as well as long-term price forecasts.


What the Tokenlist Platform offers

Safety 100%
Confidence 100%

Safe and carefully supervised projects


Growth and technological innovation


We answer all your questions and concerns Your success is ours!