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Why choose us?

Tokenlist is the token pre-sale platform that offers you the chance to buy tokens before they are released on exchanges, with the corresponding price increase that this involves.

There’s more to us!

After doing research on market demand and analysis of potential solutions we could offer, Tokenlist Business was created to integrate the crypto world with all commerce, businesses and companies.

The economy needs a boost; new growth opportunities for all types of companies and businesses and implementing cryptocurrencies as a form of payment or for self-promotion is the solution that we propose at Tokenlist.

Projects are secure and carefully supervised
Growth and technological innovation
Trust and customer service

Token pre-sales

25 June
First round
O,02 $
Price per Token
100 $ min. 3.000 $ max. Purchase limits
9 Billions Number of Tokens
12 month Lockup
25/06/2022 Free trading
29 June
Second round
O,03 $
Price per Token
500 $ min. 50.000 $ max. Purchase limits
6 Billions Number of Tokens
6month Lockup
26/12/2022 Free trading
2 July
Third Round
O,04 $
Price per Token
100 $ min. 5.000 $ max. Purchase limits
5 Billions Number of Tokens
40 days Lockup
09/08/2021 Free trading

Our Tokens

What do we offer you?

Our platform is specialized in the launch and development of several projects: Tokenlist cryptocurrency | Tokenlist Exchange  | Tokenlist E-commerce | NFT Exchange  | ICO Launch Platform | Tokens | Blockchain | Tokenlist | Blockchain Gaming

We give you the key to new opportunities

We offer the best tokens before they are listed on the Exchange.

You will be able to buy new Cryptoassets and Altcoins at low prices.

Instant trading

Our system offers all the guarantees for instant trading, while avoiding collapse and waiting in line for process execution.

We guarantee storage snapshots and reference markers for data at a particular point in time.

We provide a detailed table of contents to the user with accessible copies of the data.

No transaction fees

We guarantee zero commissions on the purchase of our products. All pre-sales are commission-free in the booking and execution process.

Please note that the possible costs of exchanges and sending to wallets of each investor will depend on the network or system they use, for which Tokenlist is not responsible.


Protected Identity

Our first objective is to ensure the security and protection of our users’ personal data, as well as compliance with data protection laws.

The digital identity and protection of each user is guaranteed with our software, its encrypted access and transmission, the implementation of firewall, deep freeze and a set of technological tools that will prevent all types of fraud.

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Discover a new model to manage your finances and your business, join the change!
Our strategy and project plan
May 2021
● Study of the competition.
● Development of the web platform.
June 2021
● Website and other communication channels (social networks) to be launched.
● June 25-29, Pre-sales start.
● Team expansion.
● Community building: competition, voting and events.
● Marketing campaigns to be launched.
● Web positioning, SEO.
● Start of Smart Contract Audits.
● Native App launch.
● Interbusiness platform creation.
● Advertising with a highly influential public figure.
● Massive marketing strategy: influencers, youtubers, TikTok, Instagram, among others.
July 2021
● Announcement-Opening and launch of new ICOS.
● Token creation for small and medium businesses, based on the native Tokenlist.
● Presale of first NFTS game packs.
● Start of the process of preparing terminals for payment in businesses through tokens.
● Start of development of your own personal exchange.
● Listing on Coinmarket and Coingecko.
● Research on different exchanges.
● Online store launch.

August 2021
● Opening of offices.
● Team expansion.
● Start gaming protocols development.
● Alliances of great relevance.
● Publication of audits and liquidity blocks.
● Tokenlist Business sales team expansion.

September 2021
● Advertisement with a sports star.
● Tokenlist exchange creation.
● Awards for staking.
● 1st Tokenlist Burn.

• 1ª Quema Tokenlist.
October 2021
● Team identity publication.
● Design studio creation.
● Launch scholarships and internships in collaboration with universities and technical studies.

January 2022
● NFTS Tokenlist author launch.
● Development of your own personal Blockchain.
● Game and virtual platform development.
● Community voting for names, characters and game titles.